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The incredible adventures of twins Grace and Connor Tempest continue in the second Vampirates novel, Tide of Terror Connor may only be fourteen but he’s taken to the life of a pirate like a duck to water. But his loyalties are divided between his shipmates and his sister. Meanwhile Grace isn’t finding pirate life so appealing. She cannot shake the feeling that all is not well on the Vampirate ship she has left behind. Dare she try to return to it? New experiences await them both, including a journey to the fabled Pirate Academy.


Connor Tempest – Fourteen-year-old pirate protege who loves the life of pirating; Twin brother of Grace Tempest.

Grace Tempest– Fourteen-year-old who cares deeply for the Vampirates; Twin sister of Connor Tempest.

Lorcan Furey – Rescues Grace in the first book of the series after seeing her struggling for life.

Vampirate Captain– Mysterious captain of the Vampirate ship whose authority has been questioned by his crew.

Darcy Flotsam– Figurehead of the Vampirate ship by day and vampire by night; Grace's friend.

Sidorio– Vampire who resisted the authority of the Vampirate Captain, which resulted in banishment.

Cheng Li– Former deputy of The Diablo and currently teacher at Pirate Academy.

Captain Molucco Wrathe– Captain of The Diablo.

Matilda "Ma" Kettle – Owner of Ma Kettle's Tavern.

Shanti - Lorcan Furey's human donor.

Bartholomew "Bart" Pearce– Fellow pirate aboard The Diablo and Connor's best friend.

Cutlass Cate– Becomes deputy of The Diablo once Cheng Li leaves; also known for swordsmanship and skill.

Sugar Pie – Head waitress at Ma Kettle's Tavern.

Jez Stukeley – Pirate aboard The Diablo and another good friend of Connor

Commodore Kuo - Headmaster of the Pirate Academy.

Jacoby Blunt - Student at the Pirate Academy and becomes good friends with Connor.

Jasmine Peacock - Student at Pirate Academy who is a good friend to Jacoby and Connor.

Little Jenny - Another waitress at Ma Kettle's Tavern who get's murdered by Jez Stukeley in his Vampirate form