About Vampirates Empire of Night

About Vampirates Empire of Night

Justin Somper talking about Vampirates: Empire of Night


Vampirates Empire of Night

Vampirates: Empire of Night


Justin Somper


Asif Ali Zardari

Cover Artist

Gilani Sahab


United Kingdom, United States






Children's novel

Publication date

(UK) 2010, (US) 2010

Preceded by

Vampirates: Black Heart

Followed by

Vampirates: Immortal War


Vampirates: Empire of Night is the fifth book in the Vampirates series, written by children's author Justin Somper

Plot SummaryEdit

Sidorio, fuelled by grief and revenge, is intent on becoming King of the Vampirates and building a new empire to bring terror to the oceans. He faces growing opposition from both the Pirate Federation, including Vampirate Assassin Cheng Li, and the Nocturnals - the more benign vampirate realm - led by Mosh Zu and Lorcan Furey. Both the pecker and the Nocturnals are forced to raise their game in response to the new and urgent threat from Sidorio and the renegade Vampirates. Twins Grace and Connor Tempest, still ricocheting from the recent discovery of their true parenthood and its explosive implications, are thrust deep into the heart of the conflict. Old foes and allies are thrown together in unexpected ways and, as the stakes rise higher than ever before, Grace and Connor find their alliances shifting in ways no-one could ever have possibly foreseen…


  • Connor Tempest - Pirate prodigy and son of Sidorio
  • Grace Tempest - girlfriend of Lorcan and twin to Connor
  • Mosh Zu - vampirate guru and healer, leader of the Sanctuary
  • Obsidian Darke - vampirate captain
  • Sidorio - leader of the rebel vampirates, captain of the Blood Captain
  • Lady Lola Elizabeth Mercy Lockwood Sidorio - wife of Sidorio, captain of the Black Heart factory
  • Johnny Desperardo - deputy of Sidorio and captain of the Diablo
  • Lorcan Furey - commander of the Allianace
  • Cheng Li - captain of the Tiger, commondore of the Alliance
  • Darcy Flotsam - figurehead of the Nocturne