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Vampirates: Blood Captain is the third book in the Vampirates series of books


Connor Tempest – Fourteen-year-old pirate protege who loves the life of pirating; Twin brother of Grace Tempest.

Grace Tempest – Fourteen-year-old who cares deeply for the Vampirates; Twin sister of Connor Tempest.

Lorcan Furey – Rescues Grace in the first book of the series after seeing her struggling for life.

The Captain – Mysterious captain of the Vampirate ship whose authority has been questioned by his crew.

Darcy Flotsam – Figurehead of the Vampirate ship by day and vampire by night; Grace's friend.

Sidorio – Vampire who resisted the authority of the Vampirate Captain, which resulted in banishment.

Cheng Li – Former deputy of The Diablo and currently teacher at Pirate Academy.

Molucco Wrathe – Captain of The Diablo.

Johnny Desperado - a eighteen year old vampire recieving treatment at Sanctuary, becomes good friends with Grace


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