The Diablo is a pirate ship under the command of Molucco Wrathe. The ship is very famous across the world, mostly due to erratic nature of her captain.


Demons of the OceanEdit

The Diablo was introduced after Cheng Li rescued Connor Tempest from the storm that separated him from his sister, Grace. After boarding, Connor was quickly introduced to the ship's captain, Molucco Wrathe, and some of it's crewmates, such as Bart Pearce and Cutlass Cate. Connor was quickly welcomed aboard the ship. Eventually, the Diablo was docked at Ma Kettle's Tavern when the crew was confronted by an exiled Sidorio. He leads the pirates to the Nocturne, the Vampirate ship, under the guise of helping them find Grace. Grace later boards the ship.

Dead DeepEdit

The Diablo is given a passing mention when Connor, Jez Stukeley, and Bart arrive in Calle de Marinero for a weekend off.

Tide of TerrorEdit

At the beginning of the story, the Diablo is ambushed by the Greek pirate Narkoulis Drakoulis. The resulting duel ended with the death of Jez Stukeley, who was later given a burial at sea from the pirate ship's stern. After Grace convinces Connor to go to Pirate Academy for a week, the ship is absent for the majority of the story until Sidorio and the revived Jez murder Molucco's brother, Porfirio Wrathe. Connor then leads the crew to destroy Sidorio's ship, supposedly cleansing the seas of the Vampirate menace.

Blood Captain Edit

Connor starts the book climbing the ship's main mast, resulting in him spotting Molucco's second brother Barbarro's ship, the Typhon. Later, the ships carry out a raid on the Sunset Fort, departing with several fortunes in stolen treasure. Connor, however, is forced to leave due his recently battered conscience .Connor later returns and officially leaves Molucco's crew.

Black HeartEdit

The ship is only mentioned, though Molucco, Barbarro, Bart, and Cate make multiple appearances.