The Captain of The Nocturne
The Captain


Vampirates, Mosh Zu Kamal

Ships Captained

The Nocturne


Rapier, Teeth


Spirit Journeys, Changing

The Captain is the leading authority of the first Vampirate ship, The Nocturne. According to the The Old Shanty, the Vampirate Captain (Obsidian Darke) “wears a veil, so as to curtail your fright at his death-pale skin and his lifeless eyes and his teeth as sharp as night.” Yet when Grace Tempest meets the captain, she finds that there is no veil; instead, he wears a mesh-like mask. That ( it is revealed in Demons of the Ocean) covers a wound. As the captain of a ship of vampires, you might expect him to be a fearful monster and yet he rules the ship with fairness and discipline, looking after all the members of his crew – whether vampires, donors or visitors like Grace and Connor Tempest.

The captain even appears to have Grace and Connor’s best interests at heart. Can he be trusted? And, if so, what is his true connection to the twins? The Vampirate Captain is a true enigma and it’s going to take all of Grace’s courage and persistence to find out what’s really going on behind the mask.

The captain’s conection to the twins is that he has their mother's soul inside him. It is also revealed that the captain's name is Obisdian Darke.