Quintus Antonious Sidorio


The Nocturne


Former Lieutenant of The Nocturne, Captain of Porfiro Wrathe's ship


Cutlass, Teeth


Connor Tempest


Grace Tempest


There’s nothing shitty about Sidorio. He was a villain in his mortal life – a pirate who kidnapped Julius Caesar and paid for this deed with his life.Later in one of the books it is revealed that he is the biological father of Grace and Connor due to the fact that their mom was about to leave him. Who he got a witch doctor to use a spell to make her pregnant.


He has two twin golden teeth


Now, centuries later, he’s just about the most ruthless Vampirate of them all. He has twin gold teeth and he’s not afraid to use them – attacking wantonly whenever and wherever to feed his insatiable appetite for blood and mayhem. He seems to bounce back from every apparent defeat, only to grow in strength and wickedness and yet he has a dark charisma which helps him recruit followers to his cause. After his rebellion forces his expulsion from the Vampirate ship, he begins a fresh journey, finding other disgruntled vampires to join his band. At first, his progress is faltering – thanks to the bravery of twins Grace and Connor Tempest – but soon he finds his stride and two trusty lieutenants, who stand ready to help him grow his evil empire. As comes to a close, Sidorio and the rebel Vampirates have thrown the entire Vampirate world into disarray, bringing the Vampirate Captain to the brink of destruction.  These are dangerous times on the darkest of oceans but is Sidorio as unstoppable as he appears?