Mosh Zu Kamal was the Guru for the Vampirates and he lived at Sanctuary.Each vampirate that came in, he would teach. He would teach them to control their hunger. So he had them drink a substitute for blood: berry tea. The berry tea was made from seven types of berries that grow on the mountain. He would have them drink that until they were ready for blood. When the vampires did drink blood, Mosh Zu had it delivered to them in flasks until they were taught to have a donor.

In 2512, the Captain of the Vampirate Ship (The Nocturne ), Lieutenant Lorcan Furey, Lorcan's donor Shanti, and Grace Tempest traveled to Sanctuary seeking help from Mosh Zu to cure Lorcan's blindness. On the way up the mountain, Shanti fell. A shepherd, who was really Mosh Zu, arrived to help Grace pull Shanti up. But he disappeared before Grace could thank him. When the group had arrived,Grace recognised Mosh Zu as the shepherd who helped her pull Shanti up.

When they arrived, it was revealed that Mosh Zu could read minds like the captain. He is a young man though Grace expected him to be old. Grace thought that he was not what she had expected but Mosh Zu said he would take that as a compliment.

I'll add more soon don't worry. I'm just not finish reading the book for the Millionth time.

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