Mosh Zu Kamal is the Guru of the Vampirates and he lives at Sanctuary which is found high on an icy mountain. He is known to teach the vampirates to control their hunger by instituting a substitute for blood: berry tea. (The berry tea is made from seven types of berries that grow on the mountainside).

In 2512 ( the date in which the book is set) the Captain of the Vampirate Ship (The Nocturne ), Lieutenant Lorcan Furey, Lorcan's donor Shanti, and Grace Tempest travel to Sanctuary to seek a cure from Mosh Zu Kamal for Lorcan's blindness (a result of the climax at the end of Demons of the Ocean). On the way up the mountain, Shanti falls and is resched by a Shepard, who Grave later realizes is really Mosh Zu. It is also later revealed that Mosh Zu is capable of reading minds (like the captain). He is described as a young man who Grave notes “might be described as handsome”.