Molucco Wrathe
Molucco Wrathe



Ships Captained

the Diablo






Pistols, Rapier

Captain Molucco Wrathe, the middle child of three brothers (Barbarro and Porfiro Wrathe ) who form a charismatic and powerful, but unruly, pirate dynasty, is the captain of The Diablo .Edit

Molucco's hair is always a mess, since it is a nest for his pet snake, Scrimshaw.

Molucco's never liked his lieutenant, Cheng Li, but preferred Cutlass Cate as his second-in-command. For even he told Cheng Li, when he saw her at Ma Kettle's, that he felt better having someone he can trust as his second-in-command.

Molucco Enjoys wearing flamboyant and fancy clothes, and likes blue saphires.

In Empire Of Night Molucco is drained of blood and killed after an attack by Johnny Desperado and two of Lady Lola Lockwood's crew members in his cabin.

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