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Lorcan Furey- Take it Off

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Lorcan Furey
Lorcan Furey


Crew and Captain of The Nocturne


Rapier, Teeth


Midshipman of The Nocturne, Lieutenant of The Nocturne

Lorcan Furey is a seventeen year old boy from Dublin, Ireland. He is the one that saves Grace from the water in Demons of the Ocean, and he and Grace created a special bond ever since. He had a knack for calming her down whenever she gets upset, but always kept an air of mystery. 

In the Story...Edit

It is soon revealed that Lorcan is in fact a vampire that has been roaming the earth since 1803. After learning this, Grace does not trust Lorcan much, but soon he reveals to her that she is safe, from him at least. He seems to be a bit overprotective at first, but it is revealed that his actions are perfectly fitting. A crew member by the name of Sidorio tries to attack Grace, and even manages to take some of her blood, but when The Captain throws Sidorio off the ship, he asks Lorcan protect Grace at all costs. Lorcan agrees, stating, "You have my word, Captain. With the last of my breath, I shall fight to protect her." Lorcan became close-to-blind protecting Grace and didn't even leave his cabin for blood. Lorcan also is the one that tells Grace about her and Conor's past. Later in the story it is revealed that Lorcan loves Grace.



Lorcan Furey

He has been descibed in the book to have "deep blue eyes" like a dazzling blue sky, long eyelashes, "long jet black hair with eyebrows to match", pale skin, strong grip and "a strong Irish brogue" (strong dialectal accent). He wears "the universal costume of a pirate or seafarer" and a special Claddagh ring, the hands clasp a skull with vampire teeth with a crown on top, instead of a heart. " He appears to look 17, as his vampirism has froze him at that age.


Lorcan has been showed to be a very noble and caring person, and a bit mysterious as well. Obeying the Captain's orders, looking after donors and even when faced aganist Sidorio. Lorcan and Grace developed a very strong bond ever since Grace was rescued. Lorcan is revealed to care very deeply for Grace, vowing to protect her with his life, with ended up temporarily costing his sight. 

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