Jez Stukeley was a Mancunian pirate, a crewmember of The Diablo and lieutenant of Sidorio.


Jez's first appearance is in Tide of Terror, where he is shown to be a crewman aboard The Diablo under Captain Molucco Wrathe, having signed up to the articles during his teenaged years. Jez was part of The Three Buccaneers along with his friends, Bart Pearce and Connor Tempest. However, Jez's time on the ship was brutally ended after he was killed by a musclebond crewmember aboard The Albatross, in the aftermath of a pirate raid gone wrong. Following a proper funeral, Jez was given a sendoff, being laid to rest at the bottom of the ocean. However, the coffin was washed up on a shore and found by Sidorio, a sadistic vampirate who discovered Jez's corpse, which he vampirically reanimated in order to make the late sailor his lieutenant and second-in-command, before sending him undercover onboard The Nocturne as a mole within the crew, an operation which sees his Vampirate side breaking out in a brutally murderous display when he drains to death his donor, Shanti.


Jez was generally good-humoured and friendly as a human, and retained this to his Vampirate persona, at least partially. Jez was also extremely talkative, but his kind nature was not prone to cowardice or susceptibility to others intimidation, although he was greatly respectful to his superiors (e.g., Molucco Wrathe, Sidorio.) However, Jez did have a dark side, as exemplified by Shanti's murder.


During his human years, Jez was good friends with Bartholomew 'Bart' Pearce, and latterly Connor and Grace Tempest. During his Vampirate time, his relationship with Sidorio was typical commander-subordination, but Stukeley felt overwhelming respect and gratitude towards his vampiric superior. Sidorio also showed a slight fondness to his Vampirate subordinate. As a vampire, Jez also had an attraction to The Nocturne's figurehead, Darcy Flotsam.