Jacoby is quick with a smile, easy-going, and without a doubt one of the brightest stars at Pirate Academy. Even Commodore Kuo holds him in the highest esteem. One of the first things we learn about Jacoby Blunt is that he is an exceptional swordsman and “perhaps the finest fighter at Pirate Academy,” – awesome praise considering its source is none other than Cheng Li!

From their first meeting, Jacoby easily charms Grace and quickly befriends Connor, but an unexpected betrayal during an exhibition swordfight shatters their fledgling camaraderie.

Once Jacoby falls for fellow student Jasmine Peacock, they quickly become known as the golden couple of Pirate Academy. However, jis relationship woth Jamsin and Connor complicates when Jasmine and Connor find out they have feelings for esch other. 

Jacoby’s entire student career has been building towards serving on a real pirate ship…an ambition that is realised in BLACK HEART when he is appointed Deputy Captain aboard The Tiger under the leadership of Captain Cheng Li – with an assignment that he would never have dreamed possible; and for which Academy training could never have prepared him.

This assignment is to take on the Vampirates, specifically the renegade crew responsible for the assasination of Pirate Academy's headmaster, Commodore John Kuo

"A tall, good-looking boy with flushed cheeks and pale straw-like hair" with "grey-blue eyes."

"Jacoby is perhaps the finest fighter at the Academy," and "the most easy-going of companions." "Nothing seemed to faze him". He is in his final year at pirate academy (year 10).