In the fourth Vampirate book: Black Heart, Grace and Lorcan make it official that they are a couple. When somewhere near the end of the book Lorcan Furey plants a deep kiss into Grace's mouth. Grace always felt a connection between them ever since he rescued her from drowning in the first book.

Other Love IntrestEdit

In the fifth Vampirate book: Empire of Night Grace also gets a little flirty with a certain vaquero vampirate. His name is Jonny Desperado and Grace met him in Sanctuary in Blood Captain when she was helping Lorcan heal his blindness. Later in the series Grace gets into a relationship with him. But she only did that because she drank blood.

She later then falls back under Lorcans spell. In the last and final book Imortal War she offers Lorcan her wrist for blood, when the ship is attacked. Lorcan has always dreamed of the moment when he and Grace would do the "Sharing" but not like this, with little time he takes a pint of blood from Grace. And goes to protect the ship from the Vampirates.

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