Bartholomew Pearce
Bart Pearce


Crew of the Diablo, Captain Molucco Wrathe


Crewman, Boarder




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Bartholomew Pearce, better known as Bart Pearce, was an Australian pirate, a crewmember aboard The Diablo, and Connor Tempest's best buddy.


Bart was born as Bartholomew Pearce in Australia, and had signed up to the articles of The Diablo during his teenage years, swearing alleigance to Captain Molucco Wrathe. He is later given Connor Tempest, rescued from a storm, as a roommate, and becomes his best friend. He, Connor and their comrade, Jez Stukeley, become an inseperable unit, despite Jez and Connor's separation during battles. However, after Jez dies during a failed raid, Bart is visibly devastated, and is further affected by the siring of his deceased friend into a Vampirate by Sidorio.


Bart undoubtedly had a sunny and cheerful outlook on life. However, he has started to harden into maturity in the aftermath of Jez's death, but is nonetheless loyal to The Diablo, its captainship and its crew.


Bart's specialty in raids was broadswording, often being part of the quadrupled unit during the 488 strategy to distract and intimidate the crew of the opposing ship.

Friendships and RelationshipsEdit

Bart was best friends with Jez Stukeley, and had a brotherly bond with Connor Tempest. He also had an unflagging eyes for the ladies, flirting frequently with various women, such as weapons specialist and deputy of The Diablo, Cutlass Cate, and Sugar Pie, a waitress at Ma Kettle's Tavern. He also intensely respected his captainly superior, Molucco Wrathe. In the fifth book, Empire of Knight, Bart decides to ask Cate, "Will you marry me." But before he does he gets killed by Lady Lola Lockwood, Sidorio's wife.